Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my favorite sweater: begin

Inspired by Saul and Jim's Game Plan presentation at Foo Camp waaay back when (and because we worked in an ever-so-tiny way on the presentation ourselves), we decided to collect images of people wearing their favorite sweaters (or anyway images of people in Awesome sweaters) with the idea being that a good, cozy warm sweater is more enviro-friendly than turning on a heater and burning up dino bodies and ancient plant goo in an attempt to heat a room. Exactly how much more environmentally friendly we will leave to you to calculate, with the help of our friends at Wattzon. We choose frivolous sartorial bliss... and now.... On to the sweaters!

Tim Anderson!
Favorite sweater: a vest-hat-scarf combination which he prefers because he doesn't like it when his elbows are warm. Made hat and scarf from old airline blanket. Vest from thrift store (washed approx 2-3 times in 2-3 years he's had them.. never dried).

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